What voices are available in the speech synthesizer?

Voices available in the speech synthesizer in the IVR:

  • Polish (Ewa, Maja, Jacek, Jan)
  • English (British - Amy, Emma, Brian; American - Ivy, Joanna, Kendra, Kimberly, Salli, Joey, Justin)
  • Italian (Carla, Giorgio)
  • French (Celine, Mathieu)
  • German (Vicki, Marlene, Hans)
  • Spanish (Conchita, Enrique)
  • Brazilian (Vitoria, Ricardo)
  • Portuguese (Portuguese - Ines, Cristiano, Brazilian - Vitoria, Ricardo)
  • Dutch (Lotte, Ruben)
  • Russian (Tatyana, Maxim)
  • Slovak (Wavenet)
  • Czech (Wavenet)
  • Ukrainian (Wavenet)
  • Romanian (Standard, Wavenet)
  • Bulgarian (Standard)

Standard and Wavenet voices are related to Google Text-to-Speech.


You can create recordings during the IVR tree setup.

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