Homepage is designed for compiling analytical information related to the work of a given Agent and traffic on given contact channels. Thanks to such a solution, the User has quick access to information related to his work mode (e.g. pauses) and key indicators. Additionally, he can manage from this level his To-do tasks, which he should complete - more information about the To-do list functionality can be found here.


Data per Agent:

  • Answered calls - number of calls received and completed within the Queues,
  • Calls made - number of outbound calls (received) within the Campaign,
  • Number of connections attempts - number of outbound call attempts within the Campaign (regardless of the call resulat),
  • Tickets with action - number of requests in the Agent's queues, where changes were made by the Agent on a given day,
  • Chats served - number of chats started today assigned to the Agent, within the supported Queue.

Data per Queue/Campaign:

  • Waiting calls - number of calls waiting in Queues (to which the Agent is assigned),
  • My records - number of records assigned to the Agent to be called under the Campaign,
  • Queued tickets - number of unassigned tickets in the Queues of a given Agent in the status New (Date of last change of the day) and assigned to it in the same status,
  • Queued chats - number of chats from a given day waiting to be assigned to Agents.

Work time:

  • Total working time - total time of the User's logging in the system on a given day,
  • Detailed work time - percentage (and total) of given modes of operation within a given day.


For proper calculation of detailed working time, it is required to start the phone.

Within the working time, it is possible to display information about the use of specific pauses:


Percentage of supported communication channels of a given Agent:


  • Tickets - number of changes in tickets by the Agent in the queues to which he is assigned,
  • Chats - number of serviced chats assigned to the Agent, within the supported Queue,
  • Inbound calls - number of collected calls by the Agent, for the queues to which he is assigned,
  • Outbound calls - number of Campaign calls made by a given Agent.

Agent ratings from all supported contact channels:


Proportion of answered calls to missed calls of a given agent within the Infoline:


Agent's average handling times for given communication channels:


  • Average time for first response to a ticket - average time of first responses to tickets assigned to a given agent,
  • Average time of incoming calls - Agent's average call time with Customers on the infoline,
  • Average time of outgoing calls - average time of the Agent's conversations with Customers within the campaign,
  • Average chat time - average time of agent chatting with Customers.

Trends are available for the above indicators relative to the corresponding preceding period:


Changing the time period under study is possible by selecting the appropriate tab:


In order to select the Agent for which you want to display data, you must have the Dashboard sueprvisor permission for the Role:


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