To-do list

Thanks to To-do list in Thulium, no more errands to complete will escape you - plan your own day even more efficiently. Within the homepage, each User can create their own list of tasks to be completed.

Tasks are divided into:

  • Current - consist of overdue tasks and those that need to be done today,
  • Future - tasks with a due date further than today,
  • Done - tasks that are marked as completed.


To add a new task, click on file.


For the task, you need to set a completion time and enter its name and optionally a description, after entering the data, confirm such with file.

Checking the file box will move the task to Done after a few seconds:


Similarly, clicking on file will move the task to the Current or Future section after a few seconds.

In addition, a User with the Users permission can add tasks for a specific Agent. Information about who created such a User task will be visible in the list:


To edit a given task, click file, to delete such a task click file.

As part of deleting a task, the Thulium system will ask you to approve this action.


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