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We recommend using the Thulium Web Softphone application that comes with the system, which has a built-in telephone (softphone), along with the appropriate headphones. For detailed information, see the article on headphones for consultants.

When to choose a hardware phone?

A hardware phone (IP phone) is worth considering when:

  • we are unable to use a softphone due to computer limitations (e.g., terminal work),
  • due to the nature of work, users prefer a separate, independent device,
  • the system is also used to support the office part of the company (backoffice) as a telephone exchange.

The hardware phone is independent of the computer, so the work of the computer does not affect its proper operation.

What kind of phone?

The Thulium system works with any SIP-enabled IP telephones. However, not every handset is equally good. Some low-cost handsets have poor sound quality and are very unreliable. In the course of our business, we have dealt with many models of IP phones. Our best assessment is of two brands: Polycom and Yealink.

Polycom brand IP phones

The Polycom brand is one of the most reliable brands of IP phones. It has a wide range of devices: from very simple to sophisticated secretary phones and videophones.

Yealink IP phones

The Yealink successfully competes for the same customers as Polycom by creating cheaper products of similar quality. It offers simple IP phones, secretarial phones and videophones.

Headphones for phones

Headsets can also be connected to hardware phones. In our experience, the Jabra and Plantronics brands are the best rated. It is important that when you buy headsets, you choose the connectors that are suitable for the specific phone model you are buying. Note: different phone models of the same brand may require different connectors!

Jabra Headphones

Jabra handsets are known for their durability, innovation and great flexibility - each handset is available in a wide range of variants and options. Jabra delivers its handsets in series - the lowest being the BIZ 1900, followed by the GN 2000, GN 2100 and BIZ 2400.

Platronics Headphones

Plantronics headphones have been widely used for years as professional equipment for customer service offices and call centers. Here, too, we have a wide range of products. Among our customers, the most popular series is the H series.

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