Thulium enables integration with Kuando BUSYLIGHT (Alpha/Omega) devices for visual notification of Agent mode.

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Scope of integration

  • Automatically set the color of the beacon due to the operation mode,
  • Flashing beacon on incoming call.

Step by step

  1. To integrate Thulium with Kuando BUSYLIGHT system, within the former, go to AdministrationAdvancedIntegrations and start integration configuration from the Management section:



Then click file to launch the integration.


  1. Next, you need to install a dedicated application on the Agent's workstation, which you will find here, and after this process, run it file.

  2. To complete the process of activating the functionality on a given position, it is necessary to check the appropriate option within the Account settings:


  1. The beacon will illuminate in:
  • green - for free mode,
  • yellow - for pause mode,
  • purple - for pause work assingment,
  • red - during a call,
  • blink red - when offering a call,
  • purple - for own pause.

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