Thulium enables integration with the Webankieta satisfaction survey system, whereby it is possible to initiate such a survey from either the Infoline or Ticket queue.

Scope of integration

  • Sending surveys after a completed phone call,
  • Sending surveys after closing a call,
  • Sending surveys through one or all channels (email + sms),
  • Access to statistical data in Webankieta system for surveys initiated within Thulium,
  • Ability to display ratings and comments from a survey in Thulium.

Step by step

  1. First, prepare the survey within Webankieta by following instruction.

  2. In order to integrate Thulium with the Webankieta system, go to AccountSettings and then file within the latter:


  1. Insert data from Webhooki Webankieta into Thulium system to AdministrationAdvancedIntegrations and select Webankieta from the Surveys section:



  1. After entering authorization data in the Thulium panel, click file to authenticate the integration. If the authentication is successful, an appropriate message will appear on the screen:


By clicking the file button, we can start authentication again.

After authenticating the application, you need to complete Other data.

Did you know...💡

Email template refers to templates created in Webankieta system.

  1. In the next step, select the distribution mode:
  • All channels - if the Customer will have an email and a phone number then an email and SMS will be sent,
  • Email, eventually SMS - if the Customer has an assigned email address then the survey will be sent as an email, if there is no email address, if there is a phone number then SMS will be sent,
  • SMS, eventually Email - if Client has assigned phone number then survey will be sent as SMS, if there is no phone number then survey will be sent as Email,
  • SMS only - if the customer has assigned a phone number then an SMS message will be sent.
  1. Next, select the Infoline/Call queues within which surveys will be sent after a consecutively completed call.

  2. Additionally, select the survey and email template.

  3. In the next step, generate a token for the return address that will be used to send part of the Webankieta data by clicking file.

  4. After entering the data, save the configuration by selecting file or file to run it immediately.

  5. To receive feedback on survey results to the Thulium system (Contact history), copy the previously prepared notification address by clicking file.

  6. Within the Webankieta system, go to CollectionSend to e-mail and click file.

  7. Fill in the label according to the following:


  1. For a given Webankieta project, go to SettingsAlerts and click file and give a name such as Thulium callback by filling according to the following:


  1. In the Webhook address field, insert the return address from the Thulium system and tack the parameters &callid=[ID_TICKETA]&rating=[ANS_NR_1]&comment= to this link and after the "=" symbol insert the data corresponding to the open question from the available list of variables:


  1. Validate the entered Webhook address by clicking file:


  1. Once the survey has been completed, the result should display as part of the history for that Customer:



For SMS messages, a limit of one message per phone number is set.

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