In what order does the dialer set up calls from the campaign?

The order in which records are picked up from the campaign, according to which the dialer sets up calls:

  1. Records with status My record,
  2. Records with status Call progressive (predictive dialer only),
  3. Records with the status My record with time exceeded by other agents,
  4. Records with status Call after date,
  5. Records not called in order of import (clean records uploaded to the campaign in order from the oldest import),
  6. Records previously called in order from the earliest called.

Rules for selecting campaigns to call:

  1. Campaign is active,
  2. Current date is between the start and end date of the campaign,
  3. Campaign is in working hours (working hours scheme defined in the system),
  4. Order and parity.

Calling rules:

  1. Sytem calls the first number,
  2. If reached: a) Agent gets the call and sets the status himself.
  3. If not answered:

a) Automatic status is set,

b) If there is no automatic status, the status is set:

  • Call → when it was busy, missed, voice box, drop,
  • Do not call → when the number is invalid, is blacklisted or is a fax machine.

c) If there was a drop, the number remains the same, otherwise the next call attempt will be made to the next number,

d) If there was no drop, it calls the next number and we return to step 2 or 3. After each attempt to call the next number, the status of the record gets overwritten with the latest status (unless it was Do not call and there was no Call or Call after date status set in the last 10 attempts),

e) If there is no next number then we go to point 4.

  1. The next attempt to call regardless of whether there is one or many numbers will follow the rules for the order in which records are taken from the campaign described earlier.

Gdy zapisywany jest status to zawsze uwzględniane są parametry (jeśli przekroczone - to status się zmienia się na Do not call):

  • Absolute number of attempts, excluding the record from subsequent ringing attempts,
  • Number of attempts after which the record is excluded from further ringing attempts.

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