Dialer operation statistics

The Dialer operation statistics module displays current indicators and data related to dialer operation. This functionality is available from Administration → Monitoring → Dialer operation statistics:


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The information there is refreshed every 15 seconds and relates to the current operation of the dialer in campaigns.


  • ID - identifier of a given campaign,
  • Campaign - name of the called predictive campaign,
  • Order - value of the Order parameter for a given campaign,
  • Parity - Parity parameter value for a given campaign,
  • Overcall rate - currently applied overcall rate (automatically calculated based on the indicated limits and caller efficiency),
  • Allowed overcall rate - interval between the minimum and maximum overcall rates for a given campaign as set in its configuration,
  • Agents talk - number of Agents currently talking within a given campaign,
  • Agents await - number of agents currently waiting to set up a call from a given campaign,
  • Connetctions made - number of calls set up by the dialer in a given campaign,
  • Tune of calls made - minimum and maximum time for which currently set calls are waiting to be answered.

By showing the current operation of the dialer, the module allows to verify the correctness of the user's configuration of the campaign parameters and helps to detect the cause of such situations as:

  • long wait by agents for records,
  • directing to the agents records unexpected by them.

Module shows:

  • from which campaigns the dialer is currently setting up calls and in what quantity,
  • what is the current efficiency of calling customers and what overcall rates the dialer takes to operate efficiently,
  • how long the dialer waits for the customer to answer the call,
  • what basic parameters of dialer and campaign operation have been set by the user,
  • what assignment of agents to the campaign was made by the dialer based on the parameters set by the user.


If the efficiency of calling customers is 1% (the phone picks up 1 customer in 100), the dialer must make 100 calls to reach 1 customer. If we set the waiting time for a customer to answer to 30 seconds and the dialer will make 10 calls simultaneously, the first customer will be reached after: 100/10×30 = 300 seconds = 5 minutes. If in the campaign calls are made by 1 agent - he will receive a call on average every 5 minutes, if 2 agents - on average every 5×2=10 minutes.

What can be done to make agents wait shorter for a call?

  • increase call efficiency,
    • improve the quality of the base - remove outdated numbers,
    • make calls at times convenient for customers to be willing to answer them,
    • use a number presentation known to the customer,
  • increase the number of simultaneous calls,
    • requires approval of the telecommunications operator and additional licenses.


The dialer works most efficiently when it has large statistical samples at its disposal - i.e., when large groups of agents are calling in few large campaigns. The dialer works less efficiently when the statistical samples it has at its disposal are small and highly variable, e.g.: at any one time, small groups of agents are calling in many small campaigns with parity.

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