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In order to receive and make calls, you must have an account with any VOIP provider. When choosing an operator, compare the offers and rates offered so that they are best suited to your business.

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After setting up your system, you may receive a test phone number from us, in order to learn the capabilities of the Thulium system for incoming calls.

You can find information on the current status of your account at Payments.

From the Administration tab, select TelecommunicationOperators.


You can add a new operator by clicking the file button on the right.


In the Template name field, select an operator from the list. To make configuration easier, we have prepared templates of more than a dozen popular operators. If your operator is not on the list, select "Other operator".



If you choose another operator and have problems with the configuration, contact our Customer Service Department - we will be happy to help you.

Thulium Customer Service Department: phone +48 12 397 53 01.

After selecting an operator from the list (e.g. Peoplefone, Netia), the basic and advanced parameters are completed. The fields you need to complete are:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Phone number

Also check that the SIP server address matches.

The above data is provided to you by your operator - you should find it by logging into your account on the website. If you have trouble finding the data, contact your operator.


Active - checking this option will make the operator active. If you are currently using another operator, you can configure the parameters of the new one and activate it later.

Create default routing- checking this option will create a default routing rule with the given phone number. Remember that if you want to have more numbers with the operator the rest of the rules you create yourself.

Once you have set up and added an operator, set this number in call forwarding so that customers can reach your company.

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