System access management

The System access management module gives Users the ability to administer network accesses to the Thulium system. With this solution, you can easily manage access policies for designated countries or IP addresses. To use this functionality, go to Administration → Advanced → System access management.


Adding a new access type if possible by selecting the file key.

When you click it, you will see access types such as:

  • country,
  • IPv4 address range,
  • IPv4 address.

After selecting and completing the data for a specific access type, select file.



The comment field allows the User to leave information about what the need for the access in question is due to.

If the data has been entered correctly then an appropriate message will appear informing you of this:


By powrócić do listy dostępów należy wybrać przycisk file.

To confirm your changes, click on file:



Changes are global for your entire Thulium system (e.g. Operator, API, Mobile Application) and for all its Users.

To deactivate or remove an item from the list, select either the file switch or the file button.

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