Outbound calls

The Outbound → Outbound calls report allows you to view records of outbound calls made within a campaign. You can get detailed information about the calls made by your agents, including their progress, duration, and record status in the campaign.


The report has an extensive filter system. You can search for calls by: campaign name, call resulat (answered, missed, busy, etc.), agent, agent group, date and time of the call, phone number, call ID, call duration and status of the record in the campaign.

Let's see a sample report.


  • Connection ID - call identifier,
  • Outbound ID - campaign identification number,
  • Campaign - campaign name,
  • Campaign group - campaign group name,
  • Agent number - Agent identifier,
  • Agent - name of the agent who made the call,
  • User group - group to which the agent belongs,
  • Customer - customer's name from CRM along with the ability to go to the card,
  • Campaign status - campaign record status,
  • Destination number - number to which the call was made from the campaign,
  • Source number - number with which the call was made,
  • Call date - date and time of the call,
  • Duration - call time, which includes call waiting time,
  • Billsec - call time not including call waiting time,
  • Result - outbound call statuses,
    • Answer → calls answered,
    • Busy → number busy,
    • Chanunavail → channel is unavailable or SIP is not registered,
    • Congestion → number to which the call is made was not recognized (found) - a connection error occurred,
    • Noanswer → no response,
    • Trying → occurs when the agent has stopped dialing before the customer has picked up,
  • Disconnected by - displays who disconnected the call first (whether the call was terminated because of the agent or the customer),
  • Transferred to - number to which the call transfer was made,
  • Call topic - topic of conversation chosen by the Agent,
  • Topic group - information about the group from which the topic of conversation was chosen,
  • Recording - link to the file with the recording, the possibility of listening and saving to disk,
  • Rating - call evaluation,
  • Call comment - comment from the listener,
  • Tags - selected tags for outbound call,
  • Routing - rule that the call came out,
  • Ticket - refers back to the ticket that was created during the phone call,
  • Details - when you click file you will be taken to the call tab.


From here you can assign a call to a customer. Click file and select one of the options:

  • Add customer - adding a new customer (person, company, person and company) to the CRM and assigning it a call,


  • Assign to existing customer - przypisanie rozmowy do klienta obecnego w CRM (jeśli np. klient dzwonił z innego numeru telefonu)



Calls will report provided the Agent is added to an active campaign (including and simplified i.e. manual calls).

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