Inbound calls

The Inbound → Inbound calls report allows you to view and search for call center recordings. You can get detailed information about the calls made by your agents including their progress, duration, subject and queue name.


The report has an extensive filter system. You can search for calls by: phone number, queue name, call date and time, call topic, call duration, call ID and call agent name.


  • Call ID - call identifier,
  • Start date - date and time of the customer's call to the infoline queue,
  • Answered date - date and time when the agent answered the call,
  • End date - date and time of completion of the call,
  • Wait time - wait time to pick up the call,
  • Queue - name of the queue within which the conversation was conducted,
  • Customer ID - customer identifier,
  • Customer - customer data (name and surname),
  • Company - company data (name),
  • Destination number - phone number the customer called,
  • Source number - customer phone number,
  • Callback from - information whether the call was made as a callback from the Click2Contact widget or perhaps within the Queue,
  • Source agent - if the call was routed, the name of the agent who answered the call,
  • Agent - agent's name,
  • User group - group to which the agent conducting the interview belongs,
  • Call duration - duration of call,
  • Call topic - topic of conversation,
  • Topic group - conversation topic group,
  • Call description - note of the conversation,
  • Recording - recording of the agent's conversation with the customer (you can listen to it file and save it file),
  • Rating - conversation internal rating,
  • Rating comment - comment on the internal rating given,
  • Disconnected by - information about who ended the call (agent or customer) and the transfer (to what number),
  • Ticket - link to the created call ticket,
  • Tags - tags added by the agent to identify the topic of conversation,
  • Details - when you click file you will be taken to the call tab,
  • Customer rating - rating given by the customer after talking to the consultant,
  • Customer comment - rating commentary made by the customer after the interview is completed,
  • Transferred to - name of the agent to whom the call was transferred,
  • IVR branch - last branch from which the switch to the queue occurred.


From here you can assign a call to a customer. Click file and select one of the options:

  • Add customer - adding a new customer (person, company, person and company) to the CRM and assigning it a call,


  • Assign to existing customer - assigning the call to the current customer in the CRM (if, for example, the customer called from a different phone number).


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