Chat conversations

The Chats → Chat conversations report allows you to view reports on chats conducted by agents. Among other things, you can see how long the chat lasted, what the topic was, and how the customer rated it.


You can search for messages using filters:


  • Conversation ID - individual ID of a given conversation,
  • Agent - agent who participated in the conversation,
  • Customer - customer with whom chat was conducted,
  • Chatbot - chatbot that participated in the conversation,
  • Queue - queue from which you want to see the calls,
  • Email - email address of the customer with whom the chat was conducted,
  • Content - message content,
  • Rating - customer rating (sad face, neutral face, smiling face),
  • Ended by - chats that have been ended by a customer, agent, chatbot or system,
  • Handled by - chats that were handled by an agent, chatbot or chatbot and agent,
  • Start date - start date of the chat,
  • First response time - time interval expressed in seconds for the response in a chat that was directed to the agent (without empty chats),
  • Tags - tags with which chats have been marked,
  • IP address - customer's IP address,
  • Source contains - link of the page from which the customer connected,
  • With GDPR consent - chats for which consent has been given to process data,
  • Unanswered - messages that did not get a response.

When you select a conversation on the right, you can see its progress.


To hide the chat dialog, click file.

Each chat is described by the following columns:

  • Conversation ID - individual ID of a given conversation,
  • file - amount of chat interaction,
  • Start date - date and time of the conversation start,
  • Duration - duration of chat,
  • Queue - chat queue name,
  • Transfer to - name of the queue to which the transfer took place,
  • Customer - name of the customer who starts the chat,
  • Email - e-mail address of the customer who starts the chat,
  • Agent - name of the agent who received the chat,
  • Ended by - information about who ended the chat (Client/Agent/Chatbot/System),
  • Rating - customer's rating of the chat (sad, neutral or smiling smiley face),
  • Comment - comment on the rating given,
  • Tags - tags assigned to the conversation,
  • GDPR consent - The customer has/has not given GDPR consent for the chat,
  • Handled by agent - whether the chat was handled by an agent,
  • Handled by bot - whether the chatbot handled the chat,
  • Agent's first response time - time after which the customer's message was first written back by the agent,
  • Source - source of the page from which the chat was started,
  • IP address - customer's IP address,
  • Operating system - system used by the customer,
  • Browser - browser used by the customer during the chat,
  • Resolution - customer's screen resolution.

If you check the file box for a given chat, you can do the following:

  • file - add customer,
  • file - assign customer,
  • file - add ticket,
  • file - delete conversation.


As part of the activities on the columns, it is possible:


When you click on the file button, you can share the link with the given filter pre-set for another User.

Data export is possible by selecting file.


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