Login and logout

The Login and logout functionality is designed to verify login and its time against all Users of the system. This applies when the User is an Agent (logs in on the phone) as well as, for example, a person who does not operate the phone channel, but manages the system or is part of the Correspondence Department. To use this module, go to Reports → Agents → Login and logout:


The report has the following filters:

  • Users - personal data of the system user,
  • Date - date for which you want to verify the data,
  • Time - hourly range for which you want to see data relative to a given day.

Let's see a sample report.


On the chart, the green color indicates the periods of logging in the system User within a given day. For the indicated time interval, the total login time is also calculated.

By clicking on the file button, we can refresh the displayed information relative to the set filters - this is particularly applicable if the day under study is the current day.

After selecting file, it is possible to export data to csv/xlsx.

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