Tags are simple keywords that describe the main meaning of an article, message or conversation, making it easier to later search for information of interest.

In the Thulium system, you can add any tags to calls from hotlines, campaigns, chats, and requests, and search for tagged calls in the request list and reports. For example, you can tag all messages related to sales inquiries with "sales" or "sales_offer", which will allow easier searching of such messages and more accurate reporting.

You can manage your tags under Advanced → Tags.


A table with the created tags arranged alphabetically will appear on the screen.


  • Name - tag name,
  • Uses - number of tag usage in the system,
  • Edit - edit the tag, after editing the words will change in all places where they are used,
  • Delete - deletion of the tag.

You can add new words by clicking the file button above the table.


After typing, confirm with file - the word will appear in the table. You will be able to add the created tags to your conversations.

Did you know...💡

Tags are common to all modules in the system.

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