Agents status

The Agents status tab allows you to monitor the work of your Agents. Among other things, you can see the status of an agent (free, talking, on break), as well as eavesdrop on his/her conversation - the condition is that the Agent is logged into the given SIP account (e.g. running Thulium Web Softphone).

From the Administration tab, select MonitoringAgents status.



By expanding the icon located in the Action column as an administrator you have the option:

  • changes in agent status,
  • eavesdropping on an agent's conversation with a customer,
  • eavesdropping on the conversation and prompting the agent (known as whispering) - the customer will not hear what the supervisor says to the agent,
  • disconnecting the agent's call,
  • agent logout.



The option to eavesdrop on the agent's conversation with the customer and to listen in on the agent's conversation and prompt the agent is possible after logging into Thulium Web Softphone.

If an agent changes his status and goes on a break you will see what type of break he is on (e.g. and for how long. By checking the checkbox next to the option "Show each pause type in a different color" you can distinguish between the different types of pauses.

To the right are three charts:

  • Logged agents count - shows the current number of logged-in agents,
  • Statuses chart - shows the percentage distribution of statuses that agents are currently on,
  • Pause type - shows the percentage distribution of pauses that agents are on.

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