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The Customers tab allows you to gather information about your customers in one place. Thanks to extensive filters, you can easily find interesting people.

The table by default displays 20 records on one page, but you can change this to 30,50 and 100 records. Use the file buttons to move to subsequent pages of the table.


Clicking on file will open a window where you can decide what information will be displayed in the table. You can freely move the window to another part of the screen.

The customer list by default consists of 5 columns such as:

  • Sequence number (#)
  • Identifier - a unique number that identifies the customer
  • Name - customer's name or company name, there is an option to sort customers by their creation date
  • Phone number
  • E-mail

By checking (or unchecking) the appropriate checkboxes, select what customer information you would like to include in the customer list. Clicking Restore default will restore the default view of the customer list.


Basic search.

Basic search allows you to find a customer by:

  • Identifier
  • Customer
  • Phone number
  • E-mail

In the Customer field, type the name of any customer and confirm with enter or click file.


Did you know...💡

Under custom fields for CRM, you can set a search by the values in them: file

Advanced search.

Advanced search is useful for extensive and large customer databases - it will allow you to quickly find a person or group of people from the same province, for example. After selecting a filter, click file and then confirm with enter or click file.

If you select multiple filters then the system will only search for records that meet all the values.


Available filters:

  • Type - customer type can be selected:
    • companies
    • people
    • people from companies
    • people without companies
    • companies and people from companies
  • Personal - search by personal information:
    • Job title
    • Gender
    • Date of birth
    • PESEL
  • Company - search by company data:
    • Company
    • Industry
    • Customer Group
    • Customer type
    • TIN
    • REGON
  • Address - search by contact information.
    • City
    • Postal code
    • County
    • Voivodeship
  • Custom fields - search by custom fields type:
    • text (max. 100 characters)
    • text with indexing
    • large text
    • yes/no
    • list
    • link
    • numeric - in the case of a custom field of the numeric type you have the ability to search for information in the selected range using operators
    • date
    • e-mail
  • Campaigns - search by status:
    • System status - system statuses such as. To call.
    • Outbound status - the statuses that the records in the campaign have, e.g.. Customer interested.
  • Contact - search by date of last contact.
    • Contact by tickets
    • Contact by phone
    • Any contact (tickets and phone calls are taken into account)
    • No contact from
  • Others - search by additional parameters:
    • Import - date of import
    • Show hidden
    • Account manager
    • Create date
    • Show VIP


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