User panel

After logging in to the Thulium system, the user in the upper right corner has access to the panel in which they can, for example: change settings and download the Thulium Agent application.


Let's take a look at all the options:

  • Information about user (agent) status

Information about user status (free/break).


  • Information about connections

After clicking the headset icon you can see the last 5 conversations with the customer - from the latest to the oldest one. After selecting the conversation you will be moved to the conversation tab.


If the user doesn't log in the Thulium application, the icon of the handset will be crossed out.


  • View of tickets

After clicking on the envelope icon you can see the last 5 tickets with customer - from the latest to the oldest one.


  • Internal chat

After clicking the chat icon you can start a chat with other system users. By clicking "New chat" a list of users will appear - green color is marked with active users (logged into the system) and red users with inactive.


  • Information about user - after expanding the name of users (mostly first name and last name) following options will appear
    • Help - redirecting to the knowledge base where you will find a number of guides to help you use our system
    • Version - a possibility to check the current version of the system
    • Account settings - advanced account settings
    • Payments - a possibility to check the current payment status and information about quantity and validity of purchased licences. Only the system administrator has access to this function.
    • Log out - log out from the system


After entering Account settings you have a possibility to configure a more advanced settings.


  • Avatar - a possibility to add your avatar - just click and drag the image
  • Change password for user - a possibility to change the current password
  • Set language - choice of language: Polish or English
  • Set footer - a possibility to set a footer (containing for example: first and last name, job position and user phone number) which will appear in the e-mails sent
  • Browser notifications - a possibility to enable/disable notifications, for example about new phone connections, chats and messages
  • Chat message notification sound - a choice of sound informing about the appearance of a new message in the chat
  • New chat notification sound - a choice of sound informing about new chat. If you check the Repeat option, instead of a single signal, the chat will be "ringing" all the time until the agent receives it (or stops and the chat will go to the next agent). By default, this option is selected.

Under the footer there is a link to download the Thulium Agent application.

In this place you have also a possibility to check if your web browser is compatible with the Thulium system.

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