Adding users

Users are people whose using the Thulium system. We distinguish between administrators who work mainly in the browser, and agents who support customers. The scope of agent's work is determined by assignments to individual queues and permissions.

The agent's basic tool is the Thulium Agent application in which they can answer and receive calls. The agent's work is monitored and available report allows an administrator or a manager rate the effectiveness of work and optimize processes, for example: sales processes.

In the Administration tab select Users → Users.


If you want to add a new user click the button file located on the right.


The fields that you have to complete are: first name, last name, login and password (remember that password shouldn't contain language-specific characters). The other data is optional. Notice that after entering data the login is automatically set as first name.last name, but you can change it according to your preferences. By using login and password user log in to the system.


Did you know...

In Thulium we have support for gravatars. What are gravatars? They are globally recognizable avatars connected with e-mail address identifying a person. Owing to this we are recognizable in the network, for example when publishing articles on a blog. To use this solution you must have an account on the Gravatar site.

When you add a user in Thulium you enter his e-mail address, which will be associated with the Gravatar application, then the picture (picture) that is there will be automatically added to the profile. In case you want to have a different user avatar instead of a gravatar, delete it and upload the file from the disk.

Checking the option Force user to change password upon next login allows the agent to change the password on their own for the one which is easier to remember.

Next step is to assign agent to the appropriate roles. What are roles? Roles are a parameter which allows to set permissions for access to specific system functionalities. In the system we have two defaut roles - Agent (permissions for access to all tabs connected with handling calls, emails and chats) and Admin (permissions for all tabs in the system). You can edit existing one or add new roles.

After expanding "Show advanced parameters" there are a fields in which you can complete additional information appearing in the tickets and during chat. You can also specify:

  • Agent internal number - 3-digit number assigned to the agent
  • Mode of outgoing calls - automatic or manual
  • Caller ID - the name the agent will present to the client, the name is automatically set as: first name.last name, but you can change it
  • Chat nickname - the name of the agent that will be presented to the client during chat
  • Default ticket queue - the queue to which messages from clients will be directed
  • E-mail used as ticket sender - you can enter an e-mail address that will be treated as the sender of the application

To allow the user to use the Thulium Agent application and make and receive calls check the option User is agent.

Checking the option Allow manual calls to any number allows agent make a call after clicking the customer number.


After completing the data click the button file.

You will receive a message about adding a new user and you will be moved to its card. In that place you can edit (for example: change login and password) or delete user.


In the Authentication part you have a possibility of changing login and password.

In the part System data you can define user permissions (access to tabs) and campaign permissions.

In the part Assignments you can assign the user to the queue (infoline, chat and ticket) that it will handle.

The list of all users (including agents) you can see in Administration → Users → Users.


However the list of all agents you can see in Administration → Users → Agents.


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