How does the "Work on next ticket" button works?

We choose the status "My record" when we want it to be assigned to an agent who set their status.

Clicking the "Work on next ticket" allows the agents to handle tickets without having to select a specific message.


In what way the tickets are assigned? The agent gets unhandled messages which which don't have a closing date. If the agent is assigned to several ticket queues these tickets are assigned in the following order:

  1. the agent's priorities in these queues - the agent will get the tickets from the queue in which they have a higher priority
  2. the priority of messages - the message with a higher priority (shorter time of action)
  3. date and time of arrival of the message

The tickets that were received at the earliest, have the highest priority, haven't been assigned to any agent and don't have the "Closed" status, will be assigned in the first place after clicking the button "Work on next ticket".

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