How do I add a user's footer?

You can configure the user's footer in the Account settings that you can find by expanding the user's name (usually this is the first and last name) in the upper right corner of the screen.



Each user has to configure their own footer's appearance.


Apart from text, the footer can contain any graphic file, for example company logo - all you need to do is click the button file. You can add the file from your disk or enter the URL address where the graphic is located.

After assigning the footer you should add it in the ticket queue settings. How to do this? From the Administration tab choose Tickets → Queues and rules. Enter the selected queue and click the button file.

By default in the queue configuration the following outgoing message format is defined:


We have two situations:

  1. If you want users to have unique, personalized footers instead of the User name in the Customize list select "User footer" or enter {{USER_FOOTER}}. The values will be "drawn" from the user's account and the footer configured by them will appear in the body of the sent message.


  1. If you want users to have the same footer and present themselves, for example with name, surname and phone number, all you need to do is set it up in the ticket queue settings. Agents will not have to configure the footer themselves. From the Customize list select the information that will appear in the body of the message.

In the example below, the message sent will contain the agent's full name as well as the job title and telephone number in the content.



In most cases the same footer should be set for all users, which allows you to keep order with many employees, so that everyone has consistent looking e-mails.

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