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Custom fields in tickets are fields where you can enter additional information about the request, e.g. the type of issue with which the customer reports. When creating a field, you specify what type it should be - it can be plain text, a list, a date, or even a link directing to the company's website.


Custom fields are defined for all queues. You can add as many fields as you want. It is possible to specify which field in which queue is available:


Z zakładki Administration wybierz Tickets → Custom fields.



To add a new custom field, click the file key.


We then enter a name for the special field in the submissions and select its type:

  • Date,
  • Large text,
  • E-mail,
  • Numeric,
  • Link,
  • List,
  • Yes/No,
  • Text (maximum number of characters: 100),
  • Text with indexing - text that allows the text to list itself while searching, that is, to "prompt" for words as you type the text.


For a list type field, to add such an item, click the file button and enter the name.


To reorder an item from the list, hold down file, to delete click on file.

The following parameters can be marked for custom fields:

Ready only - when this option is selected, the user will not be able to edit the field,

Sensitive data - access to the data will be possible only through the appropriate authorization,

Required - when this option is selected, the agent will have to complete the special fields before saving.

After entering all the data, click file.

Within the added customl fields, it is possible to change their display order by holding down file, to delete them click on file. Editing such a field is possible by selecting file.

View of custom fields on the ticket card:


Did you know...💡

When exporting tickets (csv or xls), custom fields will also be exported.

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