Automatic assignment of tickets

The Thulium system allows you to automate the process of assigning requests. Such functionality can be enabled for a given queue and for specific Agents assigned to it. The solution is based on the Tickets parameter:


This means that the system will automatically allocate unassigned requests with a status of New in this case.

To enable this functionality from the Administration tab, select TicketsQueues.


We then click on the queue for which we want to run automation and select the Agents who will be subject to such assignment:


After checking the relevant checkboxes, confirm the selection by clicking file.

The next step is to enable the functionality for this queue, to do so, click file:


From the Ticket auto-assignments section, checkbox file and set the parameters:

  • New tickets limit in the queue per agent - means the maximum number of tickets in a given status assigned to the Agent,
  • Maximum amount of tickets assigned to the agent in the cycle (every 30 minutes) - limit of assigned tickets per Agent during one cycle.

The system assigns tickets to Agents every 30 minutes at x:10 and x:40, e.g. 8:10, 8:40, 9:10. The mechanism works during queue hours provided the Agent is logged into the system. Tickets are assigned on a carousel basis, sequentially to logged-in Agents with the option of automatic assignment of tickets.


In the above configuration, the system will aim for 10 tickets per Agent by assigning 2 tickets per cycle (provided there are enough of them in the appropriate status). Changes should be confirmed by clicking the file button.

From then on, the system will automatically assign tickets in a given queue in cycles of every 30 minutes.


W ramach Tickets parameter można ustalić strategię dla automatycznego przydzielania zgłoszeń:

  • Longest waiting in queue,
  • VIP Customer
  • Shortest waiting in queue


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