Creating infoline queues

The infoline queues are a place in which the customers are waiting for connection with the free consultant. While waiting the customer hears the music and they can be informed for example, which place they occupy in the queue and how long they are waiting for connection with the free consultant. Each queue has assigned agents that support it.

By default in the system you have created queue "Infoline". Let's create a new queue - in the Administration tab select Infoline → Queues, and then click the button file.



Enter the name of a queue.



After creating the queue you will not change the name.

After expanding Show advanced parameters additional option will appear, thanks to which you can configure the queue and fit it to your needs.


  • Agent selection algorithm - determine how the connection between individual agents will be directed in case everyone has the same priorities. You can choose from:
    • least recent - the connections will be directed to the agent who was least recently called in the queue
    • round robin - the connection will be directed to all agents in turn
    • ring all - the connection will be directed to all agents, rings all avaliable agents until one answers

Did you know...

If "ring all" is selected, if none of the agents receive the call, the number of offered calls will be equal to the number of agents who could receive the call.

  • Work hours schema - specify in which hours the queue will work. By default these hours are set as "Standard"
  • Music on hold - you can set the music that the client will hear while they are waiting for the free agent
  • Transfer call to next agent after (s) - this is a time (in seconds) that the agent have to receive the call, after which the call goes to the next consultant
  • Wrap-up time (s) - this is a time (in seconds) that the agent have after the call, for example: to complete information about customer and to make a note
  • Queue priority - specify the priority of the queue by choosing the value from 0-5, where 5 means the most important queue. For example: if we have two queues A (priority 0) and B (priority 1) connection will be in the first place directed to the queue B

Decide whether the agent will be automatically paused after unanswered call and the statistics in the Thulium Agent will be showed.


In the part Statements you can attach the statements showing before entering the queue, during waiting in queue and after work hours. Decide how often the statements could be played. Specify also if the client waiting in the queue hears the information about estimated waiting time. The message informing about the position occupied in the queue is read automatically. Remember that messages have to be in the wav format.


While defining how often the messages should be played, don't set too short time. It is safe to set the time for a minimum 60 seconds. Remember that during the message the customer can't connect with a free agent.

Action when waiting in queue

In this part you can set if while waiting for a free agent after pressing the number on the keypad or on the phone screen (0-9) the following action will be executed:

  • None - no action
  • Add ticket to - the ticket with information about connection attempt will be added
  • Transfer to IVR - the customer will be switched to the selected IVR branch

Tickets for abandoned calls/queue exit

Define if after pressing the button or abandoning the connection by customer the ticket will be created.

  • Minimal time in queue [s] - this is a minimal time (in seconds) what customer spent in queue. If the customer abandoned the connection after this time the new ticket will be added to the system.
  • Ticket subject - the subject ticket being created, by default: "Unanswered call from %number%"
  • Ticket queue - the queue to which the ticket is being directed


In the part Others you have the following options:

  • Call topic groups - choose the topic groups
  • Topic custom fields - choose the topic custom fields
  • Callback outbound - you can also add the callback outbound



After completing click the button file.

Callback as a ticket

In Thulium you have a possibility to add the callback campaign to the queue. Thanks for that the customer who can't or doesn't want to wait in the queue, after selecting a specific button on the phone or abandoning the connection after specified time, will be added to the campaign (they will order a callback).

There is also a possibility that the information about callback instead of appearing as a window during the campaign will appear as a new ticket informing about unanswered call. How can you set this? This isn't necessary then to add a callback campaign to the queue. It's enough that while creating a queue you can define that after pressing the selected number or abandoning the connection after a certain time the ticket will be added.


A ticket will be created about the topic (which you can change) "Unanswered call from %number%" and the agent opening the ticket has got a possibility to call back the client.


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