Generating configuration

After changes in the following actions:

  • SIP - creating and editing the SIP account
  • Phone - adding an external phone
  • Queue - creating and editing queues' settings
  • Music - adding and editing music on hold
  • Operator - adding and changing the operator
  • Pause - adding and editing pauses
  • All - all above actions

you need to re-generate the configuration.

In the Administration tab choose Administration → Generate configuration.


You will re-generate the configuration by clicking on the grey field - the system will show the following message: "Phone configuration was generated succesfully".




If you choose "Generate all" a message "Configuration was generated successfully. The server was restarted and all agents will be logged out from Thulium Agent." appears.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing to be afraid of, because nothing will disturb the work of agents when they talk with customers (the process of generating configuration runs as if in the background).

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