Sales Tracker

Sales Trakcer is a widget functionality that allows you to track sales conversions in relation to the conducted chat with the customer.

Functional scope

  • Track sales conversions in relation to the customer chat conducted,
  • Defining the time period for which sales are to be credited for a given chat.

Step by step

  1. In order to activate the Sales Tracker module, within a given widget, you must go to edit it by clicking file:


  1. Then start the functionality with the slider, set the appropriate time range counted in days and save by selecting file:



  • Sales Tracker time - the number of days for which completed orders will be added to the last chat.
  1. After setting up Sales Tracker, you need to place its code on the page where you finalize the order (e.g., shopping summary):


It should have one of two characters on the page (before the </body>):

  • The shopping process refreshes the entire page:
    window.thulium_orderId = "#12345";
    window.thulium_orderPrice = "774";
<script src="./sales-tracker.js?hash=<hash>"></script>
  • The purchasing process is done on a dynamic page (single page application):
    $(function () {
        $("#click").on("click", function () {
            window._tst.trigger_sales_tracker("774", "#12345");
<script src="./sales-tracker.js?hash=<hash>"></script>

Where, for example:

  • 774 - is the purchase amount in pennies (required),
  • #12345 - order number (not required).


Remember to format the order value (pennies) correctly. Otherwise the widget may not work properly, or the system may show incorrect data.

  1. Under ReportsChats section → Sales Tracker, we can check sales conversions:


  1. The result charts are divided into two ie:
  • Sales made - number of chat sales,
  • Sales value - sales amount for chats.


  1. Data can be filtered by using three parameters:
  • User - The agent who conducted the chats,
  • Queue - selected chat queue, within which conversations are held,
  • Date - the period for which the chart will be displayed.

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