Adding agents to chat queues

Once you have created chat queues, add agents to them to handle them and chat with the customer.

After creating a queue, you should assign agents to it to handle incoming calls. An agent can be assigned to several queues at the same time.

You can assign agents individually through the user card or in groups from the queue level.

Assigning a single user.

From the Administration tab, select Users → Users.


A list of users will appear on the screen - select a user by clicking on it.


In the Assignments section at the bottom of the page, click the file button.

A window will appear on the screen where you will be able to assign a user to selected chat queues. By checking the checkboxes, assign the agent by giving him/her a priority on a scale from 0-5, where 0 - the highest priority, 5 - the lowest.


Group assignment of users to a queue.

If you want a queue to be served by more agents it will be faster to assign them in groups when creating or editing a queue.

From the Administration tab, choose Click2Contact → Queues. Enter the queue you want to assign agents to and in the Assigned agents section, click file.


Enter the queue to which you want to add consultants and in the Assigned agents section, click the file button.


Select the agents by checking the appropriate checkboxes and prioritize them.


Confirm by clicking file.

Expand the file button to add agents who are assigned to other queues (chat, mailboxes, tickets) and added to campaigns.

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