IVR message templates

IVR message templates allow you to send a message from the IVR tree. A template can contain, for example, information about available services or a system failure.

In order to send a message to a customer from a previously prepared template on the IVR tree, you need to configure the Send e-mail action by specifying such parameters as the name of the template, the name from the mailbox from which the message is sent and the branch number (optional).

Let's create a sample message template. From the Administration tab, select Inbound → IVR message templates.


Then click the file button at the top right of the page.


  • Template name - the name of the template being sent to customers,
  • New e-mail subject - the subject of the message,
  • Recipient - e-mail address of the addressee of the message,
  • Body - the content of the message.
  • Insert value - the value that will appear in the message. Messages are dynamically retrieved from the system, you can choose from:
    • CUSTOMER_EMAIL - the customer's email address in the CRM,
    • CUSTOMER_IDENTIFIER - the customer's ID from CRM,
    • CALLERIID - phone number of the caller,
    • CALLERID_NAME - customer's name in CRM, e.g. J. Kowalski (if the caller is not stored in CRM, the phone number will appear),
    • DST_NUMBER - destination number,
    • QUEUENAME - name of the queue,
    • DATE - date and time the message was sent.


  • Category - category of the template,
  • Active - specify whether the template should be active.


After completing the data, click the file button.

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